Design and the like…

20 July, 2009

For those of you who did not know this about me, I am an artist. I would love to consider myself a jack-of-all-trades kind of artist, but I know that there are just some disciplines that I can not fathom mastering. I was going to school for graphic design, and have a certain affinity for the medium. I love design, and if you ever hang out with me, you will know I am a nerd when it comes to it. But anyways, I don’t really want to talk about my art today, I want to talk about what inspires my art.

I would like to start posting images, quotes and the like that inspire me greatly. And if you are so up for the challenge, I would greatly appreciate if you shared your thoughts on these images, as well as what inspires you. Here are a few images to get us started:

Mexican Stamps



Dollar Art CollageAwesome PostageToms Design

So how about it… what’d’ya think?


6 Responses to “Design and the like…”

  1. Rae said

    Whoa dang! Thanks for putting up your stuff! A couple of my closest friends were GD majors at CSUF and I gotta say… either San Diego State is way better or your just amazing! I’m curious as to the amount of stock photos to originals that you use in your designs are. I particularly like the Bedford Post and the Washington ones. How much would you charge for a lil business card design? 😀 I’ve really been needing a new one, but GD is not my forte. Can’t wait to see more!

  2. Eric said

    Hey I was there when we got that bookmark for you.

    I like the dollar collage, where’d you find that? Those tom’s are sweet too.

  3. vagabondvoyager said

    Ahh, Rae, I did not mean to confuse you. But this is NOT my work! Just things that inspire me, and what I aspire to create! But if you want I can still take a crack at a business card 😉

  4. Orion said

    i truly hope you continue to post from the road.
    it is a great challenge, but i can only hope.

  5. Rae said

    wooopsie. Well if your work looks anything like what inspires you I would love a business card still 😛 Yay for not reading things!

  6. Rae said

    (I was going to ask about the Toms and the stamps… I thought it strange :P)

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