15 August, 2009

I cannot play any one instrument well, in fact I will come out and say that I can’t play any instrument period. But I love music, and the feelings it makes me feel. More recently, I have been able to let my body lose itself to music and just dance. If you knew me 2 years ago, you would know that seeing me dance would have been a ridiculous site, to say the least. But ever since The Rescue, I have been able to break that barrier and just dance. It feels so good, you should give it a try.

But I didn’t intend for this post to be about my dancing habits, but rather an introduction to music in general as I attempt to post more. If you have ever heard of an artist named Beirut, they are an amazing group of individuals headed up by Zach Condon. I have been listening to more “folky” music lately, including Fleet Foxes, but Beirut is one I’ve had on repeat for awhile. This video is part of the Take Away Show performances and just demonstrates how wonderful music can be, no matter where you are.

See it HERE. (Sorry I couldn’t embed, I can’t afford that feature, haha)

Thanks to that video, I am now on the hunt for one of these beauties:



One Response to “Musica”

  1. Rae said

    I heard these guys: when I was in Co. Cork Ireland. They were jamming at 3am outside a bar. It was so awesome. Their music can be heard on their site. If you like Irish-Country-Bumpkin sound Béla Fleck is really great. I have hundreds more “folk” musics. So beautiful!

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