Dear Pacific Northwest…

6 October, 2009

You are wonderful.

But please stop your awesomeness before I fall deeper in love with you… thanks.

With Love,


The Last Frontier

3 October, 2009

Greetings from Anchorage!

It’s been quite the adventure since I last wrote from Canada. We actually encountered more “troubles” (if you could call it that) at the US border than going into the Canadian border. But that’s ok, we made it back with ourselves, our van, everything in the van, and a load of new friends back in beautiful Canada.

We crossed the border around 11 or 12, then we were straight off to Seattle to drop our van off at a former Roadie’s house, unpack our suitcases of personal stuff, and repack them with a whole lot of IC merch. All this before 5am so that we could make it to the airport and catch our flight out at 6am. When we arrived at Sarah’s house, there were cookies and milk to re-energize us, so that we could get straight into packing… yum.

Our flight was nice, there was no one on it basically. I mean, who doesn’t fly to Alaska at 6am on a Wednesday morning these days?? Anywhoo, as we began our flight, we spread out on our own seats and almost immediately crashed because we had yet to sleep. I left some belongings on the floor as I caught some sleep, including my digital camera… but when I woke up to our decent, my camera was nowhere to be found. I am still baffled… and camera-less. So I apologize for the lack of pictures!

But let me tell you when I say that Alaska is one of the most beautiful places that I have ever had the chance to visit. Even while you are driving to work, you can see the snow capped mountains on the horizon and it is simply gorgeous… words cannot convey properly.

I plan on living here one day. Especially in this little part of midtown called the Renaissance district. I love this strip. LOVE IT. First off, we had a screening at this Fair Trade store called GrassRoots. This store has fair trade imports from all around the world, including paper made from elephant poop. I wanted some, but couldn’t rationalize spending money on dung paper in my current financial position… but I was very tempted! Next store is a shop called Woolie, and it is everything wool. It is amazing the detail and workmanship that goes into these things. Not to mention that there are coffee shops on either end, both rad. One even has Gaelic dancing every Tuesday night. The author of this blog may or may not have participated… Oh, and there is an amazing book shop, a bead shop, a Tattoo parlor, an REI, and a thrift store a block away. Forrest’s heaven? Indeed.

Yes, Alaska is a beautiful state, and I cannot wait to revisit. But until then… it’s off to Washington! Seattle, here I come.