9 January, 2010

Le Petite Prince

This boy is my hero. Has been. Always will be.

It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye.


We Exist On a Mote of Dust

8 January, 2010

Sagan is god

Helps to put some things in perspective…

VW Dreamin’

8 January, 2010


If I had this beast… life would be damn good.

Dear Pacific Northwest…

6 October, 2009

You are wonderful.

But please stop your awesomeness before I fall deeper in love with you… thanks.

With Love,

A Thousand Apologies

1 September, 2009

I will begin this post by with this disclaimer: I have come to realize that I have fallen in the inevitable drought of postings. When I began this dialogue with the internet (also known as a blog), I told myself that I would update frequently, everyday perhaps. But the subtle truth has revealed itself, and I have not been able to keep up with my initial pledge.

C’est la vie. No?

That’s what happens in life, right? We get busy. And I must say, that even though I have been busy this past month, working for Invisible Children has had an amazingly profound effect on my self. And I say “self” for multiple reasons. There have been more than a handful of nights where I felt as though my soul, heart and mind were at the brink of explosion. I have learned so much about just how much stuff the human self can really absorb and retain. But the key ingredient to keeping all the thoughts, feelings, emotions, information, and such inside is one’s intensity and willingness to learn about that particular subject matter. If I were on the same crash course for Calculus as I am for the conflict in Eastern Africa, I probably would explode. But when I am learning about a topic that I love, Uganda, and the conflict that resides there, my self becomes a porous vessel – itching to be filled.

And filled it is becoming.

From inspirational training sessions with Jason about the importance of our personal story, to Laren discussing the history of this conflict, to Ben Keesey discussing communication skills, to Tom Shadyak talking about the truth of the world. I am lapping it all up as a dehydrated dog laps water.

And I constantly want more.

What a great feeling. I will come out and say that this is the most impactful experience of my young life thus far. And I have yet to hit the road. The journey and growth that awaits me on those long stretches of asphalt is what I have been looking forward too for a long time… and it is a week off. So to all those who have supported me, whether it be financially or other, I want to thank you for making this experience a reality.

I suppose the purpose of this post is to say sorry for not posting, to give you a super loaded idea of what I have been doing, and to tell you that I love and appreciate all of you.

Dream Big. Safe Journeys.

There Is So Much More

1 September, 2009

This song speaks a thousand words to my soul.

When I heard the news,
my heart fell on the floor.
I was on a plane on my way to Baltimore.
In these troubled times it’s hard enough as it is.
My soul has a known a better life than this.

I wonder how so many can be in so much pain,
while others don’t seem to feel a thing.
Then I curse my whiteness
and I get so damn depressed.
In a world of suffering,
why should I be so blessed?

I heard about a women who lives in Colorado.
She built a monument of sorts behind the garage door,
where everyday she prays for all whom are born
and all whose souls have passed on.
Sometimes my trouble gets so thick,
I can’t see how I’m gonna get through it.
But, then I’d rather be stuck up in a tree
then be tied to it.

There is so much more.

I don’t feel comfortable with the way my clothes fit.
I cant get used to my bodys limits.
I got some fancy shoes to try and kick away these blues.
They cost a lot of money but they arent worth a thing.
I wanna free my feet from the broken glass and concrete.
I need to get out of this city.
Lay apon the ground stare a hole in the sky,
wondering where I go when I die.
…When I die.

-Brett Dennen

Design and the like…

20 July, 2009

For those of you who did not know this about me, I am an artist. I would love to consider myself a jack-of-all-trades kind of artist, but I know that there are just some disciplines that I can not fathom mastering. I was going to school for graphic design, and have a certain affinity for the medium. I love design, and if you ever hang out with me, you will know I am a nerd when it comes to it. But anyways, I don’t really want to talk about my art today, I want to talk about what inspires my art.

I would like to start posting images, quotes and the like that inspire me greatly. And if you are so up for the challenge, I would greatly appreciate if you shared your thoughts on these images, as well as what inspires you. Here are a few images to get us started:

Mexican Stamps



Dollar Art CollageAwesome PostageToms Design

So how about it… what’d’ya think?