I am:

an activist, a dreamer, a team player, an enthusiast, a friend, a leader, a follower, a cyclist, a skater, a punk, a businessman, an Eagle Scout, an artist, a student, a pupil, a listener, a photographer…

but above all, I am a lover. And I am me: Forrest Maxwell Brodsky.


One Response to “Who, me?”

  1. Rosie said

    hey forrest! i am so excited for you! i believe how much you wanted this, it seemed to project from you just having met you. i will be pitching in my fair share towards your roadie fund as soon as a i get my paycheck… so like tomorrow. again i am so happy for you! you are inspiring, truly. i know that you are enjoying life and i hope you are extremely content and happy. also i love the website you’ve put together here. okay congrats and goodbye for now and continue thriving and leaving a dream!!!


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